about the finn

The sailboat class that Dan currently sails is called the Finn. It's a single-handed (one sailor) boat that was designed in 1949 for Olympic competition and made it's first Olympic appearance in the Helsinki Games of 1952. It is the ultimate single-handed sailing machine that still ranks as the fastest non-trapeze International single-hander. The Finn is one of the few boats that require one athlete to be at the same time exceptionally fit and strong, outstanding in tactics and familiar with the techniques of sail and rig tuning. In fact, the Finn is the most physically and mentally demanding singlehander in the world and as a result, it breeds exceptional, all-round sailors by testing all aspects of racing.

The Finn is one of the survivors of the sailing world. It has survived 13 reselections as an Olympic class and 50 years of technical development, from the wooden hulls, wooden masts and cotton sails of the 1950’s to the GRP hulls, carbon masts and kevlar sails of the 1990’s. It has sustained criticism over the years for being hard to sail and expensive to campaign but it has always won through. And in spite of all this it has strengthened its position as the worlds premier boat for tactical as well as technical singlehanded sailing.

"When asked what boat you sail it is sufficient to say 'Finn' to prove excellence."
Paul Henderson, former president, International Sailing Federation

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